Criminal Case Against Owner of Midwest Hotels Zafar Shah

Following up on the story printed in Gulf News on September 14, 2016 that MCL will take place as planned, it is mind boggling  when Zafar Shah, founder of the veterans Twenty20 cricket league failed to pay the following who were involved in organizing it. The companies he owes money are as below:

1. Dnata
2. ITW
3. Commentators
4. Players
5. Hawk eye
6. Spider camera
7. Broadcast Equipment supplier
8. IPG
9. Dpm – event organizers

It is not only unethical but surely criminal also as his cheques have bounced due to insufficient funds. We have been able to get copies of his bounced cheques and also a Police Complaint against him in Dubai. Please take a look:





As an owner of Grand Midwest Hotels , the credibility is at stake and if all the above are not paif within next 10 days, things will turn extremely nasty for Zafar Shah as the criminal investigation has already started. Let us hope this is resolved amicably.



The Significant Of Soccer Live Scores

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