Fundamentals of mobile app development: 6 content strategy tips

Most of the successful mobile apps have some substance or source material. If a corporate mobile app’s able to appeal and engage users, it’s an indication of a long-lasting relationship. To turn first-timers into loyal users, app must’ve something to value the users.

‘Content’ is one of the most critical element of mobile app development in Dubai. The growing trend of digital content consumption on mobile devices other than the desktop counterpart, you should master the art of capturing reader’s attention with language and visual media so on.

  1. Optimising digital content for mobile

Remember that mobile doesn’t have similar user-experience as of web content. What seems to be a short textual chunkon the web is downright hard to the eyes when reading on a mobile screen. There’re times when clients hold on lengthy SEO copy however, less appears more on mobile. Responsive websites use creative solutions so that users don’t scroll endlessly through copy blocks.

  1. Clear & concise text content

It’s obvious that mobile devices have comparably smaller screens to their desktop counterparts which raise the challenge to sync all the information into smaller area. In many different cases, mobile apps include content which is condensed per the device’s screen size. Tailor fresh content for mobile rather than plagiarising from the internet. Remember that too much information in the app would result in a poor user-experience.

  1. Sharp & clear UI elements

Conciseness is mostly hampered when users consume content from mobile device because the information was less. Contrasting colours help users to see and comprehend the content with greater convenience which translates into better usability. Visibility must be prioritised when mobile content is concerned!

  1. Declutter

Attention span is short when users dig into mobile content which makes it important to declutter all the insignificant elements and focus on that which is essential. Filler information would detour users and prevent them from doing what’s intended and crucial. A cluttered app would result in lower conversation rates so you should be extra careful with every button, icon, image and more.

  1. Optimise touchscreen interaction

User behaviour and preference is much different on mobile which means special attention must be given to optimise the UX for touchscreen devices. Limit the number of hand gestures and actions so that users can achieve the goal and navigate properly through the application. Reducing number of screens or tabs would eventually improve navigation and usability of the users. Using “hamburger menus” and navigation tools would be a great convenience for users.

Make the app as user-friendly as can be by simplifying the navigation and keeping it as natural as possible. This is most important part of mobile app development in Dubai so special care and attention is given.

  1. Understand the content

While content may be ignored during the start of a project, its importance is soon realised in the discovery phase. Familiarising yourself with the client’s existing content and data helps in taking important design decisions and get the ball rolling.


If you want the mobile application to be a hit in market, start with the right content which will surely smooth proceeding stages.


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