Does Alvaro Morata have a future at Chelsea?

The long-standing hoodoo of the number 9 shirt at Chelsea looked to have been put to rest this season, when Alvaro Morata got off to an absolute flyer. The Spaniard had shone at Real Madrid and Juventus despite not playing as the first-choice striker, and now it seemed like his time had come to lead the line at one of the top clubs in Europe. He made a move to the Premier League to reunite with his former Juve boss Antonio Conte, in a club record deal worth £58 million. With 5 goals and 2 assists in his first 6 Premier League games, he couldn’t have hoped for a better start.

The number 9 shirt at Chelsea has been a curse of sorts under the Roman Abramovitch era. Just before the Russian took over in 2003, it was worn by GianlucaVialli and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, two extremely successful strikers who scored goals aplenty at the club. Since then though, it has been donned by MatejaKezman, Hernan Crespo, Khalid Boulahrouz (a centre-half, funnily enough), Steve Sidwell, Fernando Torres and RadamelFalcao. All these players were expected to hit great heights at Stamford Bridge, but had extremely disappointing careers in West London.

Morata’s time at the club has taken a turn for the worse since his promising start, and he is struggling to get into the first team now. His goal in the FA Cup quarter-final over Leicester City last weekend was his first of 2018, following a run of games where his performances can only be described as way below par. He missed three sitters against Arsenal at the turn of the year, before dropping to the bench. Olivier Giroud, who signed from Arsenal in January, has been preferred to him since, and Eden Hazard has also started in a false 9 role on a couple of occasions.

Morata has come across as extremely lightweight, falling down on regular occasions and asking the referee to blow for a foul at the slightest contact. He has found the going in the Premier League very tough, and the physical side of the game is something he is clearly not suited to. His game, which is based mostly on pace and technique, is not necessarily suited to the way Chelsea play. The strikers who have done well for the Blues in the Premier like Didier Drogba and Diego Costa have been physically strong and able to bully opposition defenders.

Watching Morata in the past few months has been extremely frustrating, as he is almost displaying a lack of fight and toughness when playing as the lone striker. Opponents now know that if they get tight to him, he will lose possession and the attack will break down. It is going to take a lot of conditioning and hard work for this aspect of his game to change, and it remains to be seen whether he has the character and determination to turn it around.

This makes us ask the question – does he really have a future at Chelsea? The Blues are struggling to find an out and out goalscorer since Costa left the club in January (after sitting out the first half of the season following a falling out with Conte), and could once again look for a big money signing in the summer. Conte is slowly but surely losing faith in Morata, and the 25 year-old will find it very difficult to get back after falling down the pecking order for a prolonged period of time. His tally of 13 goals is not all that bad, and there is still time to further add to that number. But Chelsea need someone stronger and much more consistent, if they are get back among the title challengers next season.

For now, it looks like he could very well join the long list of number 9’s at Chelsea who proved to be just another failed experiment.

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How Buying Moringa Powder is Useful For your Health

To keep our fit and energetic we make lot of efforts. Be that as it may, we are ignorant of such a large number of things. The foods that we take are not healthy food and are without many vitamins and minerals. There are many kind of vegetable and natural product. Every one of such items is lacking in some regard or other. So we remain restrictive in choosing our food. Truth is told there are just a couple of vegetables which are genuinely healthy. Moringa is one of such rare kind of vegetable. It is a kind of vegetable and grown with utmost care. It is more powerful when it is taken in regular shape. Cooking of such vegetable lessens its food value. Loads of study has been done on its best type of consumption.

Its method for intake, conservation nature and other significant parameters are considered and right course of intake has been created. Moringa is completely rich in all kind of vitamins and minerals and protect you from many diseases. It enhances your immunity and goes about as a biological shield against eye malady, skin diseases, heart ailment, diarrhea and so many other diseases. It significantly enhances your immunity to battle against colds and flues. In nutshell it is loaded with all kind of medicinal properties with no against impacts. It is available in powder shape too. Purchase moringa powder for customary use in some prescribed sum will keep you more fit.

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Advantages of Moringa Tree Leaves

Have you at any point thought about the Moringa tree? Maybe you’ve been getting some answers concerning it all over and were interested about it? Well that is the reason I expected to think about this web diary for you today! It is a super exceptional tree in light of the way that not simply is it staggeringly nutritious, and significantly regarded for its therapeutic properties, yet completely all parts of it can be eaten! Moringa look like a vegetable tree, stacked with wellbeing and magnificence supporting vitamins, minerals, and chemicals, making it a genuine super food in each feeling of the word.

The Moringa tree starts from India, where it has been prized for countless, both as a plentiful wellspring of sustenance, and a hearty corrective highlighted vigorously in the out of date Ayurveda Medicine custom. Called by a few social orders The Miracle Tree, it is said to be viable in treating upwards of 300 conditions and illnesses more on this later on. Ground into powder, Moringa is used as a characteristic wellbeing and excellence advancing multivitamin. For all intents and purposes all parts of this astonishing tree, from its roots to its blooms have been used for a huge number of years to advantage people wherever all through the world.

In spite of the fact that local toward the southern foothills of the Himalayas, the Moringa leaf powder benefits can now be discovered developing in a wide range of nations, bringing wellbeing, nourishment, essentialness and excellence to various populaces from Asia and Africa the distance toward the western world. While it is still not found in most general supermarkets, you can more often than not discover new Moringa in Asian markets. The powder can be taken in case structure, sprinkled into soups and sauces, added to your Glowing Green Smoothie, or it can be saturated with boiling point water and expended as an alleviating tea with huge amounts of nutritious, alkalizing and cleaning advantages.

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