Home in Rice Contoured, May Also ..!

Have residential areas contoured into a selection current society. Conditions like these have their own advantages and disadvantages. So what if Sahabat Three Wheelers interested in buying or building a house in the land contours?

Well, it should be noted that the build in areas at high risk actually contoured. If not in the treatment well then be prone to landslides. But if Sahabat Three Wheelers want to buy or build in the contoured area, do not immediately retreat yes, please first consider several things below:

Ensure Contour Physical Condition Not Prone to Landslide

Three Wheelers companions should review the location of the detection least prone to landslides. It can be seen from the slope of the land. Increasingly steep slope, the greater the potential for landslides will occur. Ideal conditions recommended slopes up to 30 °. Exceeding of the Friends of the Three Wheels must make special treatment such as addition of plaster, a long pole, or borepile. The treatment with the addition of the costs to be incurred will be many more.

Other alternatives by doing ‘Cut and Fill’ by cutting the cliff and fill it to the lower land to get ideal conditions.

Note the Air Flow Direction

Buy and build in the area of water flow is not recommended because it will be binding plenty of water, as a result of land tend mushy and prone to landslides. When the current development given the huge burden then shifts to landslides and soil will occur. Therefore, Sahabat Three Wheelers must choose a location away from the direction of water flow and should not be decided at the very low and steep.

If Companions Three Wheelers already bought land in the area and will start building contours, then these things should be considered before the process begins:

Building design, including space that can be built on sloping ground because it affects the load to be supported by the foundation.
In order to create a home that is desired, it must create an image so that it can make corrections and adjustment to the existing land.
Put foundation should be properly addressed in order to avoid possible landslides and collapsed.
The foundation must be flat and does not follow the slope of the land.
The foundation must be strong and do not damage the soil structure.
Able to make trap finishing floor

How Companion Three Wheels? Ready to buy a house or build a contour? During treatment and preparation is done well, you do not have to worry about me.

Welcome reach occupancy dream ..! Bahan Bangunan


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