Recognize Mortgage Solutions Having House of Dreams

Want to buy a dream home but Sahabat Three Wheelers do not have sufficient cash funds? Do not worry, the mortgage can be a solution. Now with Friends Three Wheelers mortgage can directly occupy dream home. Companion Three Wheelers who need to prepare is an advance and meet all requirements. Well, what are the requirements that are usually filed? Contacts with mortgage yuk ..!

Home Loan mortgage is granted by the bank Parties to the individual customers who will buy a house or renovate a house.

The advantage of using the mortgage system:

KPR has a long period of time, so that you can determine how many years will be in full accordance menyicil building up expectations of earnings.

Terms and conditions of the maintenance of mortgages:

Age at least 21 years
Having a job and a steady income with a minimum term of one year (employee) or 2 years (self-employed)
Copy of ID
Photocopy of a current account
photocopy of TIN
Photocopying monthly credit card bill the last 1 month
Photocopy of credit card

Before you get to the stage of completing the requirements, when buying a home Companions Three Wheelers must first ask the House Ownership Certificate of first home owners or developers who will sell the building. Make sure that the certificate is not problematic, permit to construct buildings and buy from a trusted developer of course.

There is still more that needs to be considered when purchasing a dream home. To be more secure and reliable, buying and selling transactions carried out before a notary in order to be legally valid and does not cause problems in the future. Oh yes, in addition to providing a cash advance, Friends Three Wheelers also have to prepare extra charge for the cost of taxes, mortgage costs, and notary fees.

Now it has a lot of banks that issue mortgages, well now depends Companion Three Wheelers propose where, what is important is clear interest rates and reliable.

Congratulations to reach the dream house, Friends Three Wheelers!

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